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Thread: Bargain seeds

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    Bargain seeds

    Walgreens had seeds 10 packs for a dollar. I really went in there for sale towels that had not come in. So it wouldn't be a total loss(I did get a rain check), I picked out 10 packs of seeds. I suspect there aren't too many per pack !
    Bought 2 of the rose queen Cleome. If you haven't seen Cleome, let me tell you it is a show stopper !
    Also got snap dragon, zinnia, bachelor buttons(blue and double mixed), cosmos,dwarf marigold, 2 packs of morning glory(blue and mixed).
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    You are right in that there usually aren't very many seeds in these bargain pkys, but at that price and getting so many, does one really need a lot of seeds of any one variety? NO! The Cleome is a wonderfully showy annual that will re-seed with gay abandone and you will have them everywhere. They do transplant very easily and are very good for winter sowing, as are the snapdragons, batchelor buttons, cosmos. The merigolds, zennias and morning glories may need more nulch, but I do recall they often volunterred in my zone 6 gardens. Morning glories will do well in zone 5 as well and most of the marigolds do to, but the zennias can be iffy. They always seem to do better the hotter it got.


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