Hi all,
I am someone who gardens for my own enjoyment and once again, I would like to start seeds in-doors this year. I'm looking for advise on the best room conditions and materials to use. I don't have a greeenhouse but will place the trays in a cool room with indirect light. I have used cheap trays in the past and gotten leggy plants that push the upper limit of the dome. I know that light can be an issue, but would the Park seed bio-dome be a better one? If I buy from Parks, do I have to use their plugs or can I make some from layering newspaper? Also, I read a post from someone who put the tray on a heating pad. Is that a good idea or should I invest in a warming pad. About the mix, what is the difference between vermiculite and perlite? Is it best to use a good potting mix, or seed starter. Trying to get it right this time. Any and all help is welcome. Thanks, Bev