What seeds to you sow directly in your beds during the cold of winter? What self seeds regularly up north?

Some of my biggest and best surprises come from seeds that were planted during winter months, most of which came from a mixed perennial seed packets.

I plan to do that again this winter. I have a small bed in the back quarter that I want to fill with fresh compost and plant perennial seeds as well as some harvested seeds just to see what happens.

I figure that if they are tender, and we have a really late frost, I can toss a layer or two of frost blanket over the area.

I am looking primarily for self seeders that germinate during or after winter, and of course, those mysterious bienniels. Sweet Williams and Foxglove are already at the top of the list as well as pink and blue cornflowers which I adore.

If you winter sow them using the GH container method approach, I am interested. I would like to try them directly with minimal protection of a frost blanket.

What do you think? Will it work? Any ideas?

I am even thinking of seriously trying Amaryllis seeds since I have sprouted them successfully in the 'fridge before and hope to have lots of them this year.