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Thread: Who is at your Bird Feeder ?

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    Who is at your Bird Feeder ?

    I just figured that most gardeners also like birds. Also, it's a fun winter topic as we peer out of our windows at the winter scenery which usually includes watching birds at a bird feeder.

    Right now, I have Black Caped Chickadees like crazy ! The Cardinal drops by now and again. I have thrown mixed seed on the ground and have suet in a suet cage in the tree. I don't think the birds like that suet much. I was hesitant to buy it as it was in the pet food aisle and I was thinking 'shouldn't this be refrigerated?'.

    At night the rabbit comes along and eats the seed in the moonlight--very cute !

    So, who is at your feeder and what are you feeding them ?
    "If I keep a green bough in my heart, a singing bird will come"

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    Birds? Birds?

    I haven't seen many in the last few days. Perhaps that is because they are feeding elsewhere?

    The problem with bird seed here is that they all grow into plants where they may or may not be wanted.

    Besides, I have so many weed seeds for them to eat! Like blackberries and privets.

    Just kidding.... I love it when the cardinals come through, but I think my gardens attract more butterfles and bumble bees than anything else. Most of those go south for the winter, don't they?
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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