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Thread: December Weather

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    I was at a friend's house yesterday, and her newly acquired kittlen is now in heat. I smiled knowingly when she told me about the kitten howling and her young boy's response to the kitten's strange behavior.

    I'm glad you are getting some warmer weather up your way. I do see that their is a very COLD front moving in this direction. It will only last one morning, but the temps are supposed to go down to 28 degrees which is a real hard freeze. So, I guess it is time to get the kerosene heater ready for the porch.

    Usually, that means that all of you up north of me are going to get bitter cold soon, if not already.

    With that note, I am going to start a new January weather thread. Year after year, it is neat to go back, see what is still in bloom and what weather conditions have changed or stayed the same.

    Till then...
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    I would actually prefer it if a cold feront moved in and stayed put or was at least followed by more "normal" weather. This warm, out of season, stuff is really very hard on all the dormant perennials and bulbs and could lead to some problems with the daylilies I'd just as soon not have come the real spring. Like crown rot. I just hope all the plants that were moved over to the new bed will come through this weird winter unscathed and that I don't lose any really important plants, which would be just about all the keepers that were moved over there.

    It might be keeping my heating bill down, but I've still been cold regardless of what the temp has been outside!

    I have some daylily stuff to share, but on the daylily forum and as soon as I can get some notes together.

    Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment.
    - R. Buckminster Fuller

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