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Thread: Weather changes

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    Weather changes

    ok.... we are still in the 80s here and once in awhile jump to the 90s. I usually stop applying fertilizer around the 1st of Oct. to the Roses but beginning to look like it will be awhile before the temps drop. Even then ..... doubt that we will have a hard cold winter. Any ideas about whether or not I should continue to apply the fert. to the roses?

    Having to water heavy just to keep them alive. What a year!


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    Jim- I'm in Kansas and it's been unseasonably mild and dry ! I just gave my roses a soaking today(funny you should bring up this topic!). I would not; however, fertilize past August, myself(I know you are a zone or 2 away). I just know that the chances are that despite unseasonable weather that when a cold snap comes it will happen just like that w/o advanced warning ! And I don't want any tender young growth just starting.
    Here's another question...can I move roses now ? Can I move them even when itstarts getting more consistently cold ?
    (Maybe Ann will move this over to the Rose thread-LOL!).
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    You can definitely start cutting back on the fertilizer. If you have been fertilizing regularly, then the ground probably has quite a bit left in it to keep them flourishing for the next month.

    I can imagine how dry it must be in your area. It has been really, really dry here (except for the tropical storms and hurricanes). I don't remember a fall that has been this dry before.

    Knock on wood!!!! I don't want Wilma to turn this way. I'd rather haul the water hose around and be thankful for well water!
    Ann B.
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