Wow! I knew it was going to bloom some day soon, but I didn't even think about it while I was walking the garden until I smelled this wonderful fragrance. I was more than 25 feet away from it and my back was turned to it, and get this! Despite the bad cold that I have had for almost a week, there was no doubt. I spun around and sure enough, there were two blooms partially opened.

I absolutely must remember to get out there with the camera earlier tomorrow afternoon. This is one plant that truly would make you want to move to the tropics. Taking a picture is one thing, but that pleasant aroma is another...

My Mom has had it in her gardens for some time, but this is the first year to have it in mine.

No wonder there are so many gardeners addicted to gingers around here! Some will not survive our winters, but I am surely glad that this one does!