The sadness keeps pouring in, and that is hard. This afternoon, I took a break from cleanup and watched the news. It hit me, and I cried. Not tears of sadness, but tears of pride.

You see, some local people near Bayou La Batre decided to set up a drop off for supplies to go to Pascagoula, MS which is about 20 miles from me. Suddenly, despite troubles getting gas and many still without power, people were arriving with all kinds of bedding, washing machines, clothing, baby supplies, you name it. As I watched, two more 18 wheelers pulled up to volunteer to help.

Gee, I am proud to be an American! It's not just about what the government can do for us and how fast they can do it, it is about Americans and communities reaching out to help each other even when they themselves are suffering.

It's been a good day, but I am mighty tired and worn. Hey, guess what! I still have a few blooms despite it all! Little grapette is definitely a keeper. It bloomed the day after the storm and hasn't quit even though it was on the side of the house hit the hardest by winds. I do believe I will plant the seeds from those pods first.