This one is scary. I remember Camille. Camille was forecasted to hit Mobile, but instead hit Biloxi and killed many people with the storm surge.

They are predicting a 15' or more surge in downtown Mobile if the storm goes into New Orleans.

The west end of Dauphin Island is already flooded. People can't get to their homes to save their valuables. Those that are already there are having to walk out.

While New Orleans and Mississippi was evacuating, I think that too many people here were not preparing. Now, there is a sort of panic for some.

My school, as well as others, are now open as shelters. People in low areas are packing up and getting out.

Please pray really hard. I fear that many people are going to get hurt in this one.

I'll keep you posted as long as I can. Right now, the sun is shining The wind is blowing, but it is still HOT! We probably have a couple more hours before the outer bands start arriving.

I still have a few more hanging baskets to move.

It's gonna get BAD!