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Thread: Mini Greenhouse

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    Mini Greenhouse

    Received a minigreen house for Christmas .... it is the kind that is about 4-5 ' tall ... has 3 shelves and a plastic cover that zips around it.

    Question .. I am ready to reclaim some of my garage ... can I put the rooted rose cuttings in here? I have enough to fill it up .. and that would allow me to find the workbench that I lost several months ago. Amazing that I didn't kill all of them but they survived .. maybe that is why I have been told that the old roses are "really" tough. Lowest temps now are in the mid to high 20s for 5 or 6 hrs and then up above freezing .. and sun.



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    Old/Antique Roses


    Remember those rose cuttings that I made it May/June/July? Well, I left them outside on the north side of the house (coldest, of course). I thought for awhile that they were dead. I am not used to my roses going dormant.

    Anyway, we have had a recent warm spell, and the little rose bushes are developing buds, so they are alive and well. All they have to do is make it for another month, and I am sure they will. They are in one gallon pots and are shown in one of the pages that I have posted, but I don't remember which. I will have to look it up.

    I guess that what I am saying is don't give them cold shock now, but wait until the next warm spell and harden them off letting them get used to sun a little at a time. And then set them out in full sun to enjoy and start new growth for the spring. Be sure to cover them with an old blanket if another near future cold snap comes by, but if not, it is time to get them used to outside. Just remember that your 'babies' have been protected so you don't want them to go into shock.

    It's so very nice to know that spring is just around the corner.

    As for the mini greenhouse, try some of those seedlings you started in there and see how they do. Just remember to provide an extra blanket if it gets to be 20 degrees again. Once again, you do not want to shock them.

    Ann B.
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