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Thread: Looking for seeds

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    Looking for seeds

    Mybe I am out of line, but after reading all the neat posts here and there, I am inspired to try out so many of the ideas presented here for winter. I would like to know if anyone trades seeds here? I am trying to get some neat seeds to offer up, but I don't have many that I think are exciting. I really would like to try growing a couple of gerberas from seed, but past experience has been expensive and fruitless (but after reading up on these posts I think I might succeed) I can seem to grow rose bushes well enough, but I don't know what else i have to offer up as a trade? Also, I would love to try out anyone's favorite lilies. Let me know what you think. I am not so great with the generic names of all the plants you all seem to be growing, but I am willing to participate in any way that I can.
    Thanks, Linda

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    You are an inspiration! I want to be able to ship seeds, and share, but my life as a new teacher has put my life on hold, and I am afraid that it has negatively effected Landspro. I truly believe that this will be in the past this year, and I can resume a normal life again. I hope to make an announcement explaining this (without details) in the next day or two.

    Normally, I have lots fo Gerbera seeds, but I simply have not have time, and that, I hope will change soon.

    The secret to Gerbera is to harvest and sow the seed FRESH. Just as with daylilies, the seed must mature, and that is tougher to see with Gerbera. If you harvest seeds, compare the difference, and you will see some that have longer, plumper seeds attached to the fuzz. That is what you need to sow. A pencil point used to make an indention in the soil is enough. Then put that little seed, fuzzy side up in the hole, then press it shut. After that, keep them warm and moist, and a little plant will grow.

    Hang in there, and you will learn the botanical names for plants as well as the local, common name. I believe in botanical names because it is unique. Common names often cause confusion, but are good things if you know that they are common.
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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