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Thread: It can be done.

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    It can be done.

    I've read all kinds of conflicting information about growing pineapples from seed. Some say the new varieties are so highly hybridized that the seed are sterile. Some say that pineapples don't have seeds, or that they must be pollinated by a hummingbird, and Hawaii doesn't have hummingbirds, (they are banned) hence no seeds. In March I was cutting one of the "Golden" variety, and I found these little things that looked like dark brown, or black, sesame seeds. I put some in a jar, and added just enough water to cover them. A couple of weeks ago, just about three months after jarring, I noticed some green coming from some of them, and placed them on some potting mix. Today, just shy of 16 weeks, this is where they're at.

    Most of the pineapples we get, around here, come from Central America, or the Caribbean, not Hawaii, so maybe they have hummingbirds there. From the amount of time it would appear to take, to get a decent size plant, it doesn't seem to be a very practical method, but it can be done.
    Just to put it in perspective, the round shiny thing next to the plant, at the top, is a thumbtack. The clear blob, toward the bottom right, is a swelled up grain of the moisture retaining crystals.
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    Oh, how very neat, John!

    I, too, have found those seeds in ripe pineapple. I harvested them, but my busy schedule dictated that I didn't really have time to try them.

    I have read that they would not germinate, and now I am glad to know that, indeed, they will and how you were able to do it.

    Thanks for the big smile on my face as I read this post. It just goes to show you that even though others think it can't happen, it is always worth a try.

    Ann B.
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