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Thread: Hi ann

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    Question Hi ann

    Thanks for helping me get here. I am really excited to meet new people. I think I saw you are in northern fla., Gulf coast? I am new to northern fl. and am concerned about the placement of my greenhouse. I have been told that plants will still thrive if it is in some shade, and that full sun could be hard to manage in the summer months.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    Judi K
    Judi K.

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    Cool Southern Greenhouse


    My greenhouse is in full sun, and it is difficult in the summer. I installed an intermittent cool mist system and I love it, but what I really need is a shade cloth that I can remove in the winter.

    There is one thing that I would have done differently had I known. I would either have an exhaust fan at the peak or even better a vent with a thermostat that will automatically open when the the temperature soars. Since hot air rises, you need an opening as high as you can get it.

    I leave my orchids in the greenhouse in the summer and they do fine, as well as bromeliads, but I do not have them under the mist. I do some cuttings and grow some seed in there in the summer, but most of the cuttings I prefer to do in the shade outside of the greenhouse and the seeds are usually grown under flourescent work shop lights in my home.

    I have a window fan in the north window, blowing out, not in with a timer that turns it off in the evening and on in the morning. On really hot days, I leave the south facing door open.

    If you decide to put yours in partial shade, I would suggest putting it under a deciduous tree, so you will get the benefit of the sun on cold days. Actually, I find it more difficult and more expensive to keep the temperatures above freezing during cold snaps than I do keeping the hot temps from scorching my plants.

    Part of the reason for that is I use the greenhouse to protect my tender plants that will not take a frost and move them out after the last frost.

    I really enjoy my greenhouse and would never be without one.

    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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