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Thread: Monster on my deck

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    Monster on my deck

    I have heard the hummingbirds were aggressive but this morning I found out first hand. I have an HB feeder hanging from the rail of the deck. The little bird decided I was an intruder to be driven off. I had no idea they were so loud when up close -- sounded more like a small airplane when about six inches from my ear!

    We reached an accomidation he is ok as long as I stay beck at least 10 feet -- closer than that and I will get buzzed a time or two.

    Fun to watch the little guy. Will try to get some pictures.

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    SE PA, zone 6b
    Good thing God made hummingbirds small--any larger, and we wouldn't be able to go outside.

    We had a Rufous Hb when I lived on the West Coast whom we named "Hitler". That little guy knew NO fear.

    Aren't they fun?
    SE PA, zone 6b

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    I love them, too!

    Enjoy them. They are a GOOD THING! And so much fun to watch...
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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