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Thread: Cutting 4 o'clock seeds in half ?!

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    Lightbulb Cutting 4 o'clock seeds in half ?!

    Is this possible(see excerpt below). If so, cut with what and in what direction and how do you put them together ?

    "He experimented cutting four-o’clock seeds in half, then putting two different four-o’clocks together. The resulting four-o’clocks were his pride and joy - a yellow flower with an orange star in the center. "
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    I don't know how big a seed of the four o"clock is, but I imagine one could do it with an xacto knife. My big question is "WHY?". Wouldn't it be easier to hybridize? I have a vision of this fuzzy-haired eccentric cutting up all these tiny little seeds, keeping up with who belongs to who, and gluing the mixes back together. One way to get thru the winter, I suppose. Good Grief!
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    I'm with you Sandi

    Most seeds have only one or sometimes 2 embryos, and that is the part that becomes the plant. All the genitic's are contained there. There just is not any logic to that process described, even if it did work.

    It sounds much more logical that the two plants were grown in close proximity, and were cross polinated.
    Tom W
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