Last nite along about 8 pm a terrible storm blew thru bringing with it Hail. first it was 5 minutes or more of dime size hail and then the storm shifted to come from the north with 1 inch size hail.
my PG hydrangeas were shredded, full branch's torn from the plants.hundreds of new growth branching that were to be used for cuttings lying all over the coldframe floor.
azaleas stripped of flowers,4 foot Red japanese maples with new growth all over the ground.limbs with bark ripped off.
rhododendrons pounded.blooming java red wiegelas in 3 gallon containers ruined that were ready to sell.its enuf damage that i think this setback has reduced me to close my doors.5 years of long hours of hardwork for nothing .
it just wasnt meant to be for me.
i hope you alls luck is better than mine.