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Thread: spring sales

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    spring sales

    Thought I'd ask how everyones spring sales are this year and what is flying out of the nursery?
    Farmers Market has been going well and so has the big flea market we go to.
    Our first and biggest plant sale we do every year had rain all day Saturday and really hurt sales. Only did about half what we usually do.
    Second sale had nice weather and did twicw as much as last year. This was only second year for this Garden Fair.
    Next show is end of month. Hoping for good sales there.
    What do you guys use for slugs? We thought they were under control then I guess the eggs hatched. I hate them worse than squirrels!
    tennessee sue

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    With all of our rain and humidity (followed by drought - ugh), the best thing I have found is used coffee grounds. Don't laugh, because it works. When I stopped using them, the slugs came back again.

    I tried the beer traps, and nada, no help at all. They got drunk and slithered away happily, I suppose. I tried the bait, but I couldn't put out enough of it. I guess the rain was washing it away. The coffee grounds stayed, though and they must not like it, so I am going back to that...
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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