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Thread: Burning bush

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    I am getting ready to take the burning bush out of the sand and was wondering if i should put osmocote in the soil when planting (going in the ground)then water in well with quick start transplant starting solution?
    Also been using swimming pool filter sand for 2 seasons and works very well!

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    Ron-personally I don't use control release out in the soil, just in containers. The soil will already have some nutrition in it, and can be amended with whatever you generally do for say your veggie garden.

    I like to add a layer of compost, along with some lime, kelp meal and phosphate rock before planting a new crop. Then I will give the plants a feed of liquid fish a few times a year to mostly supply the nitrogen.

    I have heard of control release used in the ground, and it does work, but it's pricey. Consider what these burning bush are going to cost compared to what they will bring you when sold...around here there's not a lot of profit, hopefully more where you are!

    My nursery supply guys also sell different ferts for growing in the ground as opposed to containers, so there are specifically formulated fertilizers made for what you're doing. I can't really remember if they are control release, probably at least the nitrogen is, as in many of the lawn fertilizers sold nowadays...


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