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Thread: Little Games Being Played on the Internet

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    Little Games Being Played on the Internet

    I have seen this little game more than once, and it makes me sad to think that people would do this.

    It goes like this....

    Party one will say, what do you think about this and that product?

    Time will be given for a real response, then Party Two will say, Oh, how wonderful, you should buy it!

    No one ever thinks any different or that it was somehow set up as and advertisement, but it was...

    It is a ploy, and it is WRONG! So, keep your eyes open and recognize these for what they are.

    I believe that the internet is a wonderful way to share ideas and make friends, but when people use it the wrong way, I am embarassed to admit that I have been part of this networking thing for 30 years.

    Thank goodness most people are genuine, honest and caring people who want to share from their heart.
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    I have 4 pop and/or client email accounts and if you ain't on my address list you don't get into my in-box! The biggest span catcher I have is GMAIL and that didn't start until I joined a couple of different Yahoo groups. If I didn't like the groups, I'd quit, unfortunately, I'd still get all the spam.

    Mt earthlink.net mail simply deletes all known span and alerts me to any possible spam. And since all of my Incredimail goes/comes through earthlink, I get very little junk mail there!

    The biggest thing going now is phising and I get messages all the time supposedly from Pay-Pal telling me my account has been flagged for up-dating. The message looks very authentic, complete with warnings. But they get one part wrong all the time so to the trash they go. I've been getting them for "my e-bay account" too and I don't even have an e-bay account!

    My best advice is to never click on a link from anyone saying they are a company you deal with. Instead go to their site by typing in their address or by using your own links through your Favorites File.

    Never give out your pass word or any other numbers that could be a security risk.

    Nature is trying very hard to make us succeed, but nature does not depend on us. We are not the only experiment.
    - R. Buckminster Fuller

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    you can forward those ebay and paypal fakes and put spoof in the subject line .
    this allows them to try and track the mail.
    someday these jokers will make a mistake.and get nailed to the keyboard.
    i hope

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    I saw on TV where there is a software that will bounce spam back to the spammers and clog their mailboxes ! I think it's something the internet provider would use. But it sounds promising.
    Those phishers are the worst...they send out alarming topics in the subject line like 'account terminated' to get your attention and then proceed to ask for information that they should have in the first place. Just got one from what looked to be Ebay today--terminated for using someone ele's ID--and all you had to do was use their link(that looks like Ebay) and give 'them' info that Ebay should have--and that absolves you of the accused wrong--hah ! The best defense is knowledge and letting everyone know the phishers and spoofers and overall nogoodniks' games !
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