And, OH DEAR! I will be sore tomorrow.

I dug up a lot of huge privets that had become entangled into the chicken wire in our vegetable garden fence. These monsters were so large that if you wrapped your fingers around the base, the tips of your fingers would not touch.

Thank goodness, they do not appear to be able to grow from roots.

I also pulled and dug hundreds of blackberry vines. Unless you have fields of them with 1/4th mile from you, you cannot imagine how fast they pop up. Unfortunately, many will pop back up from the roots.

It's been a good day, but a chilly one. Don't laugh, okay? We did manage to get to 70 degrees, but it blew a gale all day and this morning it was in the lower 50s.

Spring break, my friends! I have been looking forward to this for a long time.

Lots of seedlings to harden off and get into my flower beds. The moonflowers are TOO big! They may not get hardened off!

LAS! I am so glad to have a week off!