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Thread: Hip Hop Easter Greetings

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    Hip Hop Easter Greetings

    ENJOY !

    I noticed the oroginal link I left last time wasn't going there directly anymore, try this(you have to wait a few seconds for it to start):


    original one:
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    LAFFING all the way to EASTER!

    Thanks, Cathy! Easter was always a special time to us when we were young. It was near my youngest brother's b'day, so he always had a bunny cake with coconut frosting. And we died tons of boiled eggs, hid them, them hunted them down.

    Memories.... My youngest brother is in Anchorage (spelling correction given to me by a friend - who rubbed it in!!! LAS!!!!!! ), Alaska right now, and somehow, he likes it!
    Ann B.
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