Okay... So, I am a bulb NUT! I admit. I must have been born that way, but yet I don't remember seeing that many as a child. They can sometimes be difficult here with our heavy rainfalls.

Anyway, Hunter gave me a Home Depot gift certificate card for Christmas. Why Home Depot? Because he asked me where I bought those huge bags of 'stuff' that I use in my potting mix. Now, this STUFF is pure gold to me. They are HUGE, 4 cubic feet bags of medium vermiculite (now $10.99) and course perlite (now $9.99) or there about.

And Lamberts potting mix... Now, I know that I can mix my own, and I have, but there is something about this mix that I like. It NEVER has weed seeds. The large bags are light enough for me to carry (until they get wet which I try to avoid). Anyway, I like the stuff.

So, I bought some Lamberts and other supplies just after Christmas, and I saved about half of the value of the card until today. I visited Home Depot and guess what?!!!!

They have Ginger bulbs. Three different kinds..l. The have Rain Lilies which I have always wanted to try. And since I recently found my Gloriosa Lily bulbs in the bottom of an abandoned pot, all dried up, I bought a couple more of those.

I also bought some bulbs of Double Begonia. They do not like our humidity and excessive rain, but the new back porch will help with that (I hope).

There was also a Blood Lily. I hesitated, but decided it would be neat for Hunter to see.

Then, yet another was an Amazon Lily. Some of these are familiar to me, and some are not. Anyway, Hunter will be thrilled when he sees these bloom. It's a lot better than his thinking I spent all of his savings on the equivalent of "DIRT", huh?

Oh, and now I remember what those funny looking seeds in a ziplock in my desk drawer with bits of red of them are.... They are the seeds from a ginger at my Mom's new house. She said my brother dug them up from the 'old' house. I never knew she had ginger, but the smell was heavenly and had white blooms. Perhaps they are the same as what I just bought, but who cares. Time to give them a try!

I've always wanted to try Ginger. Lots of my Master Gardener friends were 'into' them, and after I learn with these, I am sure I will be too!