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Thread: strawberries in a bucket?

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    strawberries in a bucket?

    want to grow some strawberies in 5 gallon buckets this year. zone 5,,I find tristar,everbearing,honeye,alpine,allstar,sparkle, and a few others Anyone have a preference to any of these?will hang these up so I need a little lighter mix..?need full sun..just any advice really..thanx

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    I'd be more inclined to plant them in suspended window boxes. They do not need the depth of a five gallon bucket, and the weight of the bucket might be a bit much even if you lighten the soil.

    I have seen a new variety of plastic strawberry containers with the holes on the side. I like the idea of those better than the clay version. The clay version is heavy to move and expensive nowadays.

    I don't know about all of the varieties. There are so many. Strawberries are grown here by commercial farmers as early crops. I suppose the price is cheaper here than up north because they are grown locally. They do choose varieties that do better in our environment.

    When I was a child, I remember my parents taking us to a small strawberry farm near Rabbit Creek where we picked our own strawberries for a price.

    We also picked huge blackberries along the sides of the road in Irvington, AL. These blackberries grew wild in the ditches and were about 3 times the size of the most wild ones.

    Good luck with your strawberry adventure. I can't help much more than that because they are grown in fields here.
    Ann B.
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    Gulf Coast

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