Hi everyone!

Now that we have more forums, I think it is time that I started moving the original Landspro threads to the appropriate forums. This will take some time, and I am sure that I will miss some here and there.

This evening, I did a search for 'lilium' and 'stargazer' and moved those to the lilium forum. Of course, there are still the Tiger Lilies, and those might not have been in the search results. We'll do those later.

I also did a search on 'roses' and moved the ones that were primarily about roses.

For now, I am leaving pointers from the original threads location and you will automatically be taken to the new forum.

We will see how that works, and as time goes by, I will move others.

Of course, there is always the problem of deciding upon which forum to place a thread. Tricyrtus (Toad Lily), for example, is a perennial, but also a shade plant.

Sometimes, we just go with the flow, don't we? I welcome any and all suggestions.

Having FUN!!!