This is part of an email sent to me at my Drexel University email account.

I don't think they will mind my sharing it with you.

"An extremely dangerous flaw in Windows software was revealed this week.
The vulnerability has been characterized by security experts as one of the most serious ever found. An attacker could exploit this flaw to view, change, or delete your data or even take control of your computer remotely.

The first worms and viruses to exploit this vulnerability have already been found on the Internet. It is therefore imperative that Windows users patch their computers at once.

If you are running Windows, and if you have not done a Windows Update since Wednesday, January 12, you should DO SO IMMEDIATELY. Installing the critical update will protect your computer.

INSTRUCTIONS: Open Internet Explorer, go to "Windows Update" under the Tools menu, and click on "Express Install (Recommended)" or "Scan for Updates". Follow the instructions to download and install the Critical Update(s).

AT THE SAME TIME, make sure that you run Live Update on your Symantec AntiVirus Software."