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Thread: Tall Screen plant-but description no name ?

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    Tall Screen plant-but description no name ?

    Not sure where this post would go. Iím trying to find the identity of an extremely tall growing plant that is used as a screen. It is not pampas but looks like a very tall stalk of something. It has long lateral leaves from top to bottom. Some people cut them each fall and they grow back into giants by early summer. I know this isnít a whole lot of info. but wonder if anyone has any ideas on what it is ?

    ps it isn't pampas; it's not grass-like
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    There are many bamboo's that are civil enough to be used in the landscape. Most of them grow the full extent of their height in one season. By the way, bamboo is clasified as a grass.

    Perhaps a little more description would help. Is it varigated, light or dark green? Are the stems hard like bamboo, or tender like maybe a banana? Are the leaves alternate (like corn or sugar cane). Are there any side shoots, or limbs on the individual stalks? What is the approximate diameter of the full grown stalk?
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