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Thread: Spring Bulbs are Here!

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    Spring Bulbs are Here!

    Canna lilies, Gladiolus, Dahlias, Asiatic Lilium, Oriental Lilium, Lilium Tigers, Calla Lily, Freesia, Crocus, Tigridia, 'Garden' Amaryllis (white, pink, red and red/white) and Croxomia are among just a few that are now on display here at Lowes and Walmart.

    Spring bulbs are arriving like magic!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Thanks ! And I would also add , from past memory, that the prices are reasonable. I'm a cheapy(not really but bargain hunting is a sport for me), but I would advise that if you buy at the start of the season that you are more likely to get viable stock and that makes it worth the price(which again is reasonable) ! I can't wait to get to WM !
    "If I keep a green bough in my heart, a singing bird will come"

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