The seed racks are up at Walmart. I don't know about the other stores yet. Home Depot never really took one of theirs down.

The Walmart seeds are packaged by Ferry-Morris, but have the label of WAL-MART Gardens. They are 97 cents per pack.

How can anyone go wrong with seed, except to NOT plant them!?!?!

Did you ever notice that the plants that you grow from seeds give you lots and lots of more seeds in return for your buck?

In the past few years, I concentrated on perennial seeds and cuttings, except for coleus, of course. With coleus, I also harvest lots of seeds, but never seem to get around to sowing them.

This year, I plan to sprinkle some of my harvested seeds here and there, just to see what surprises that they have in store for me. If there are some really neat ones, I can always take cuttings to overwinter. I enjoyed the surprises that Hurricane Ivan left. Fantastic little coleus were growing everywhere. Even in tossed, broken/crushed pots. It was NEATO!

Oh, how I do love growing from seeds! I would love to plant some outside now. But alas! It is about 75 degrees outside right now, and you know what would happen. My seeds would sprout, and along would come a hard freeze.

Tis the story for winter around here. But I won't complain. I am enjoying my last day off before heading back to school.