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Thread: Cost for mulch?

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    Cost for mulch?

    To All,
    How much are y'all paying for mulch(hardwood)in your area?I'm paying $8.00 per yd.for basic composted mulch,its ready for potting when I get it,but I try to let it sit for another 6-8 months.I'm paying 12.00 per yd. for the double ground hardwood that I deliver to customers mostly.I'm paying 3.80 to 4.00 for pine straw per bale thats never seems to go far enough.I've not been able to buy this wholesale because you have take a whole trailer load.It would take me forever to sale that much in my little area of the world.
    Whats y'all paying?
    William B. z-6

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    Hi William.
    i buy my mulch by the bag. 1.79 per 3 cu.ft. wholesale pine fines.
    i am still looking for the bulk sales of composted hardwood bark around here.
    sorry i cant help.

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    Here's the price list here in Do-Da Land !
    (Don't ya just love that photo of the little pickup truck. I've heard many a story of messed up suspensions particularly after haul it yourself dirt and gravel buying.)
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    I get wood chips (for free) from my brother who owns a stump grinding business. I let my sit at least 1 yr. (preferably) 2 yrs. before mixing with my 3 yrs old compost. The compost is beautful rich black gold, and my flower beds have just loved having this added to them. I used almost a whole 5 yd. load (DH has a huge dump truck), to amend my beds this past season. They desperately needed this! Hauling ourselves we pay $6.00 a yd. for the compost. Will be getting a load in the spring again, too. I buy from a small city that accepts leaves and yard waste from county residents. There are some inevitable non-compostable items, like bottle caps, twist ties, small chucks of plastic, but all in all this is some really good stuff. I did submit a picture of my 'pile' awhile back, but here's another one.
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    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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    Glad to see everyone posting and getting the itch. The little red pickup looks like me. Just be sure you close the truck window when they fill with a scoop. Believe it or not sometimes they miss just enough to fill the front seat. I could probably grow a good crop of herbs in my truck.
    tennessee sue

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    grower's bark

    William and all--here in S.W. British Columbia many or most growers, like me, use the fir/hemlock bark fresh (uncomposted) for potting to maximize it's aeration qualities. I believe your hardwood bark is always composted before potting with it (?)

    I've only bought it by the 2yd. load, at $30 taxes incl. The big nurseries do buy it by the semi load, which I believe is around 50yd tho they are also paying for delivery, while I'm picking up. Sure there's a good discount for those large orders, like most things...

    I actually mix in as much steer manure compost as possible, since it is cheaper...$8 a yd. delivered from the local feed lot, reasonably well composted, tho I like to let it sit for a few months at least.

    I have potted into almost pure compost with no problems, tho I wouldn't want those containers to sit thru the winter outside...the compost would be far too soggy and kill a lot of roots from suffocation in our continual rains. The other thing about potting into compost is it does need to be well sprinkled or rained on to leach out excess salts in the first couple weeks, then it is pretty much the same as topsoil in a container.
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    Dazed Lily, you are right you sure have to watch not to over load a half ton pick-up.Most people don't realize how much the weight increases when the material is wet.Load some wet dirt and you got some serious weight.I have a small dump,I'II put 4 yds.dry 3yds damp hardwood mulch per load.
    Vicky,Thats some beautiful stuff looks good enough to eat,well almost.Its good that you can get it free,every little bit helps.
    Sue Sally,Know what you mean by stuff germinating in the back of your truck.It happens to me every year.Why is always a danged ole weed?
    Glen,guess everyone has to use what they can get locally.The material you use I'd have to buy bagged.Bagged and shipping charges and the price shoots up.The reason we let the hardwood compost for at least a year or more,it'II zap all the nitrogen out of the mix and plants.I've done this before ,you'II know it when everything starts turing yellow.So its easier to let it sit and compost thar extra six months rather than nursing the plants back to health.
    William B.Z-6

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