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Thread: Tulips/Daffs/Amaryllis

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    Wowee! What a day ! I stopped by a local nursery, that has a yearly bulb sale after New Year's, to scope things out before the sale next week. I found out that they will close tomorrow until the day before the one day sale. What's so special about the sale ? Tulips,Daffs, Hyacinths ten cents a bulb ! Amaryllis 50% off 75% off packaged bulbs. Last year I bought beaucoup Hyacinths and some crocuses, dutch iris and tulips.
    My plan today was to figure out what I want next week as they are usually crowded. Instead of writing down names, I just took the little plastic identifiers with the pic and name on them(they have so many it doesn't matter). I was really smitten with the tulips for some unknown reason. Particularly the double peonies, the parrot and fringed, the tiny Princess and Tarda tulips and of course the Rembrandt mix. Anyway, the manager saw me with a handful of plastic identifiers and I said,"I'm coming back for these next week." He said, "I'll sell them to you for the sale price today;it's less for me to count when I take inventory".
    HooWee! I ended up with 48 tulip bulbs(3 each of 16 kinds), 3 Hyacinths(City of Haarlem-yellow), and 8 daffs(double nosed: Sir Winston Churchill, Orangery, Tahiti, Record, and maybe another I'm forgetting). And "la piece de resistance":

    Trumpet Amaryllis Pink Floyd

    Link Below
    Half price($6.50) on that one and it actually has some green

    Believe it or not everything has been planted withing 2.5 hours from purchase. I just tilled up a section. 'Just' wasn't all that easy, but I learned that when you scrape the dried clay mud off the tines that it actually works much better ! LOL ! Positioned and spaced the bulbs into 3 10 foot rows, threw in bone meal btw the bulbs and cotton boll compost. Also, had tilled in some rotting leaves. I'm getting too efficient at this;it's getting scary !

    Anyway, Pink Floyd is also potted
    Here's a link !


    Another good planting day...sweatshirt weather...oops that's another forum !

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