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Thread: Wal-mart Kitties

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    Hi Ann,

    On 2-13-2005 you posted:

    ...Little Baby is the most demanding when it comes to being loved. She cries when she knows I am getting ready to go. I have to pick her up and hold her. Gee, I doubt she weighs 3 lbs. She is so little and yet full grown...
    I'm wondering if she might have a hyperactive thyroid. I had a similar situation with a feral cat we adopted. When I was finally able to catch her and get her to the vet, we discovered that is the reason she was so small. She's on medicine now and has gained weight and even her temperment has mellowed.

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    "My" Wal-Mart Kitties are really more fortunate than their brethren in town. They have a larges, several acres, of open space, and being at the back of the lot, behind the store there isn't much traffic to speak of other than delivery trucks. The gang seldom ventures very far from their shelter, except for occasional forays to the Chinese Restaurant to raid their trash bin. I've "caught" them down there a time or two and have always paid attention to the route they take to get back "home". These guys are smart! The run lickity split and follow close to the building, well out of the way of any 'traffic'. And they don't panic when they do hear a vehicle approaching, they dive behind one of the storage trailers and wait until it is gone.

    They are equally aware of humans and will not come out from their hiding places when people get too close. Now if I happen to be with another person, that's a different matter, as long as the other person doesn't try to actually approach them. They don't like dogs one bit and will stay hidden when ever there are any around and there is one couple from the apartments who insist on walking their two dogs right in the cat's home turf. I have had a couple of encounters with these people and have not been happy with their attitude about giving the cats a wide birth and keeping their dogs away from their shelter. I can always tell when people have been back by the shelter, for what ever reason. The cat's actions and reactions tell me!

    Well speaking of "their reactions", I'd better get a move on and get back to work so I can get them fed for the day or I'm going to catch hell from the two most vocal ones; Cinnamon and Muffin! (I'm in big trouble though when Scooter 'talks' to me!)

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