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    Seeds Forum...

    It's about time that I started separate forums for specific topics.

    Growing plants from seeds was my first love and in many ways, still is, so here we go a forum about growing from seeds.

    In the weeks to come, I will be starting seeds. As I do, I hope to take pictures, record the time of germination and time to bloom, etc.

    Hang in there with me and please join me and share as we grow new plants from seeds!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    I will be growing some morning glory seeds in spring that I have. I will train the vines up on a trellis I have that I bought when I worked at the fabric store. I think it will look pretty with several different colored morning glorys growing on the same trellis.
    Daylilies are the Lord's smile, a new one everyday

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