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Thread: Greenhouse Management

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    Greenhouse Management

    Ann B.
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    Gulf Coast

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    Greenhouse heating

    Thanks Ann, for this link with its many hours of valuable reading.

    I checked out the info on "temperature" and found a lot of stuff I never knew.

    I' ve been putting up my first real greenhouse over the past few weeks, and sooner or later heating has to be looked at. The discussion of the many ways heat travels is good to know...conduction, convection, etc.

    If only it stayed comfortably warm under the poly, kinda like magic....but I have already found the temps under a poly tunnel are often even lower than outside, so it gets tricky! Temperature inversion if we have to put a name on it...heat can radiate thru the poly and leave the inside of a tunnel colder than outside where light breezes can replenish the heat from higher up in the air.

    Another excellent discussion I just found is http://www.agra-tech.com/thermal_glazings.htm

    The poly I purchased for my house is the thermal type mentioned in that article. I'm now in the process of seeing what differences there will be in temps inside and outside the greenhouse, and also at different spots in the house. Already, I've noticed the ground in the house does not freeze on a clear, frosty night, like it does throughout the unprotected garden area next to it.

    I can already see the very slight difference in cost for thermal poly is easily worth it.


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    Thank you for this added link. It is very informative and hopefully I will retain this new found knowledge for the time when I will need. Rest assured I WILL have a greenhouse someday!
    Happy Growing,
    Vicki in West. Mich.

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