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    Lightbulb New Album Folder

    Y'all know I like to mess around with my various graphics programs; lately I've been creating some pretty wild-looking backgrounds to use as screen savers. I've done lots of them and all of my favorites are in use in my Popular Screensavers" program. Got to thinking it was a shame I could share some of them with y'all - they are much too large to post here - so I got busy over at ImageHost and created a new folder to showcase a few of them. You can check these out by using the following URL:


    This will get you to thew entire album, just click on the one titled "BACKGROUNDS". Be warned, if you decide to see them full size, these are large images, 640 x 480 pixels, and will take some time to load for all of my dial-up buddies. It's at these times I wish I had cable! It was a painfully slow process getting these 9 images posted, but they are some of the more interesting designs I've some up with.

    I used a couple of different programs to make them, starting with Irfanview and the plug-in filters that came with it and then taking them to Photoshop Elements to add additional effects.

    I hope all of you decide to take a look! All but a couple started out as straight images of daylily blooms or other flowers. One, titled "Solar Event" started out as a shot of the Mylar silver film I use as a reflector on the plant stand. I'll post it below.


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