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Thread: The last of the tropical Hibiscus, outside

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    The last of the tropical Hibiscus, outside

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    It's a beauty, John!

    Mine are all in the basement light garden now and apparently not happy about it either! The four big plants have commenced dropping leaves like crazy, something they haven't done before! This has me a bit worried, especially since several of these plants also have buds that continue to open. It may be time to go ahead and prune them all back and keep them on the dry side for awhile. The basement stays fairly cool and the rest may be good for them. The seedlings have lost a leaf here and there but not enough to cause me to become alarmed. I have cuttings started of a couple of them, but not my oldest plant, a dark pink double. I've grown this one from a cutting and it's at least 14-15 years old, so I'd really hate to lose it now!

    I usually do have to prune the big ones back, but not until closer to Spring, pruning now will be totally different for me and I am a little nervous about having to do it at this time, knowing they will probably have to be pruned back fairly hard come spring. Spring is a good 7 months away for me, sure hope they keep going until then.

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    I have one that is planted outside. It dies pretty much to the ground every year, and takes until late summer to start being in full bloom.

    It never gets really big. In fact, it only gets about 3-4 feet here. I have it planted on the South side fo the house near brick and in between the house and the sidewalk.

    I am always pleased to see it sprout new green growth.

    A recent picture....
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