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Thread: Ann You Have To See This!

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    Ann You Have To See This!

    As you know, I've been playing around with the filters that came with the newest version of Irfanview. Well I was looking through older images earlier this evening when I ran across the beautiful scenic you had posted of the pond and azaleas and thought I'd see what would happen if I used the quadrant filter on it and then follow up with the Pop Art filter. I got some pretty neat renditions, but this one is the best!

    It doesn't look anything like the original, but it sure turned out really cool! I may try another effect on it using PhotoShop, but will save that for another time.

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    We have a few days off for Mardi Gras after next week. I absolutely must go to Bellingrath Gardens. It's a little early, but they are several degrees warmer there than I am here, and I'd like to see what is in bloom.

    Also, I should take my camera with me to school and stop by one of the hospitals to take some photos. They really have a beautiful display of winter color with pansies, snapdragrons and ornamental cabbage/kale. I'd love to share what I saw today with you.

    Nice photo, Rebecca, and even though it is different, I recognize the scenery.

    Come on, SPRING!!!!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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