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    Do coleus self-seed?

    Well, some of them do... I have lots of volunteers and was unable to get the Mama plants in the ground.

    BTW, Coleus definitely does not like that strong winds of a hurricane, but I do believe that most of the ones I still have in pots will make it long enough to get cuttings.

    These are seedlings from the sun loving varieties, and apparently the sun loving trait is dominent enough for at least some of them to survive.
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    Ann B.
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    Self-seeding Coleus

    Ann, Coleus will reseed themselves just as Impatiens do, depending on your climate. Even here in Ohio, I've seen it happen in many gardens if the area is protected from harsh winter winds and the seeds fall onto loose enough soil that the seed can fall a bit down into the soil enough to protect it. The seeds of both Coleus and Impatiens are so teeny tiny though that usually they fall too deep into the soil or the birds and ants eat them. Both plants are very easy to propagate just by pinching off the straggly stems and sticking them in loose soil out of direct sunlight and keeping watered. I do this all the time here in Ohio for my clients when I am pinching them back when they get leggy. Yeah, I loose a few here and there because I forget to tell them to keep them watered, but I just HATE throwing away something I've pruned off a plant...tee hee.. Becki
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