Ann & Tom,
Thanks for the beautiful pictures! Sure brightened up my day to see them. Here in the cold north things are dying back and the leaves are starting to change. I don't have much blooming in my gardens, some sedums, mums, gaillardia, morning glories and of course the annuals are still blooming, but I don't plant many of them. I do have a double red non stop begonia, a fushia, 3 new guinea impatiens, 2 double impatiens and my double tropical hib. is still full of blooms. I have a friend who is going to overwinter it for me. I worked in the gardens yesterday and cut back alot of the plants, 3 wheelbarrow loads!! I even have a couple blisters. Can hardly wait to see my gardens in the spring the majority will be 3 yrs. old. Of course I've added a bunch of new flowers this yr. too.
My most favorite new shrub is a diablo ninebark, the leaves are such a pretty purple. I've also acquired some starts of a silver lace vine, to plant on my extremely long bare fence row!
Take Care!