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Thread: Bunnies munching daylilies(any suggestions)

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    Bunnies munching daylilies(any suggestions)

    About all I can come up with is chicken wire. Any tried and true cheaper ideas ? (That enable the bunny to go on living)
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    Bunny deterrent

    Actually, this is a good remedy for any animal and even some insects or slugs, but can be expensive... Make a tea of tobasco sauce and water and spray on the leaves on any plant you don't intend to eat yourself. It won't hurt the bunnies or any other animal other than making their mouths burn a bit. Once they take a bite, they usually skidaddle! Black pepper sprinkled around the bed also keeps the slugs away, but that's a pretty expensive way to go to. I know the tobasco has worked for bunnies because I have tried it. I've been told it works for deer too. Good luck! Becki
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