I think that the rain must have moved up north. We have been having long periods without our typical afternoon rain showers.

Right now, though, it is STORMING and the rain is pouring down. 80% chance until tomorrow night. We needed it.

Our temperatures have been normal, around the upper 80's and 90-91 degrees. It is not often that we go above that, but WOW! 100 degrees, and we are sufficating.... Thank goodness, with our humidity, that we don't get those kinds of temperatures very often.

It's hard to imagine thinking about summer being over. We still have another month and half of it. Winter frosts are still a few months away for us, thank goodness!

Last winter was a mild one for us, so please, please, please don't send a hard one this way. I am not ready for that. Not yet!!!!

Tell those birds they are just confused because of that wonderful cold front that gave us a few nice days and steered the hurricane away from us!