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Thread: Happy 4th. Of July Y'all!

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    Happy 4th. Of July Y'all!

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    Thanks, Rebecca!!!

    Happy 4th to you and ALL!
    Ann B.
    Zone 9a
    Gulf Coast

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    Thanks Rebecca and Ann! Same wishes to you and to everyone else! Loved your link Rebecca! I had fun with clicking all over the sky and creating a colorful display!

    I've got fireworks going off like crazy from people across the street right now. I always worry about fires from these things, because there's so much dry weeds, brush and grasses around this whole area! At this time, we're restricted on even using any gas powered machines between the hours of 1 pm - 8 pm! It's never made any sense that they allow fireworks! I live 6 miles outside of town where we have acreage and lots of oak trees, madrone trees, brush and weeds. Pitch dark and no street lights. Hopefully no fires will be started with these fireworks.
    Linda-So. Oregon, Zones 6/7

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