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Thread: Share the Blooms

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    Share the Blooms

    I have to admit that I have been so caught up in the work part of gardening that I almost forgot about the sharing part until my 6 year old neighbor boy came over and very specifically asked for one of my "big pink" flowers and "that big yellow flower" from my garden for his Mom. Well, how can you resist that ?! Earlier this Spring he kept asking when the roses would bloom so he could give one to his Mom because [he] "loves her very much". And while I briefly agonized over cutting my oriental lily that is only 18 inches high and my yellow speckled asiatic that has one flower and 2 buds--wondering if there would be enough foliage left for the bulb-- I told him that "I wouldn't do this for just anyone because these flowers are very special but that I was doing it just for him because he is very special." Catching a glimpse of a quick smile on his face was well worth it !
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    How Wonderful!

    Just think! When he grows up, he will buy is lovely wife and mother lots of Lilium and Daylilies!!!!!!!!!

    And those beautiful ladies will owe it all to YOU!

    You did GOOD!
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    The things we will do for a child! And for a child I, too, would cut a bloom that I wouldn't even cut for myself, let alone another adult!

    An ounce of kindness shown to a child makes it's way into the hearts of many, yet too often, that same kindness shown to an adult often doesn't make it to the front door, let alone through it. I sure am glad I know a lot of adults with the hearts of children!


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