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Thread: Desert/Zone#8b/Cochise County,AZ.

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    Cochise county Arizona

    Desert/Zone#8b/Cochise County,AZ.

    I am interested in talking with anyone that is familiar with Xeriscaping and propogating native desert plants. I am new to the board and propogating and would like some advice on where to start. I would like to set up a mist system and get started. Most nursery catalogs that I've looked at don't take into consideration our windy, hot summers ( to 105 degrees ) and our freezing winter, night temps. ( to 05 degrees )
    I'd hate to grow something under controlled conditions only to have it die when exposed to the elements.

    Thanks, Les zone 8a

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    El Paso, TX

    another desert gardener

    I am in El Paso, TX and have very similar climate as you. I am not from here originally so am also learning but would be interested in sharing thoughts and ideas.

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