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Thread: Be sure to check out summer bulb sales

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    Be sure to check out summer bulb sales

    Admittedly, buying summer bulbs on sale now is dicey at best but in case you haven't considered it--remember to check out the local stores. I rumaged through ooodles of green plastic bags today at x-Mart looking for viable bulbs. You can pretty much tell just by the simple pressure test(should be firm) if they are OK without having to open them. Bought 6 Rosato bulbs for $2 today(an OK price-not one to do cartwheels over). Funny, the label said Rosato-Asiatic Lily and I kept thinking something didn't seem right about that. I looked them up and they are Orientals which makes me happier since that means they bloom later. I'm not expecting anything to happen this year. In fact, I stuck them in pots and will figure out where to put them in the Fall. Lots of glads on sale too. I think I'll put mine in big tub/pots so I don't have to disturb the existing garden and they'll be easier to lift in the fall. Anyway, just wanted to remind y'all that buying time isn't quite over yet(but do be careful and check out bulbs before you buy them and be sure to check local nurseries/garden centers also as they have some choice varieties on sale too).
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