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Thread: red ossier(sp) dogwoods

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    red ossier(sp) dogwoods

    i received some dogwood trees in the mail last year and put them in pots there getting really tall but not very bushy. what should i do to make them bushy? ps there in partly to mostly shade. thanks Ron

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    Cornus sericea

    Your Redosier Dogwood could probably use a little more sun, and perhaps a bit more water. A single leader plant can be made to spread by clipping the terminal bud on the leader.

    If you plan to plant them in the ground, they adapt to most any soil, but prefer moist simi shaded areas.

    Check the root ball, to be sure they are not pot bound. They are fairly fast growing and could be filling up their pot with agressive fibrous roots.

    You should be able to grow them from seed, or cuttings.

    It is often confused with, and sold for Red Twig (Cornus alba), but they are not the same.
    Tom W
    Aching Back Farm

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