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Thread: speaking of lillies..longest blooming?

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    speaking of lillies..longest blooming?

    I would like to plant some but not stellas or the smaller ones...which varieites have the longest bloom time? thanx

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    Hi Telcaster !
    Well first off, there are lilies and then there are daylilies. Not to be a smarty pants but it does make a diff. The photo in the previous thread was of an asiatic lily from the family lilium. You mention Stellas so I am going to assume you are referring to daylilies--of the family hemerocallis. Longest blooming is a good question. Well, I guess Stellas are out, huh ?
    There are 1,000's of daylilies that as part of their description have the approximate bloom time included(early, mid, late--with variuos time adverbs making even finer time gradations--e.g., very very erly-LOL!). Also, what those designations mean can vary based on what zone you are in or even where you plant them in your garden. I would shoot for a nice combination that span the various bloom times. I personally have a bias towards late season because by July/August there isn't much blooming here anymore. That is also why I veered into the lilium family and have trumpets and orientals(which expand the lilium bloom time: from asiatics, to trumpets, to orientals). All that being said, I've never met a daylily or lily that I wouldn't give a home to regardless of bloom time. I did a search and found the following info. for daylilies(amazingly based on long bloom time--can't say I've ever seen such a sort designator before but a good idea). The list is no way all inclusive:
    Try for the bloom time spectrum and this other link might be helpful:
    From looking at the photos of your new home, daylilies will look just lovely there.
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