Cornell University has done a ton of research about deer fencing. I read about it in either Kitchen Gardener (now defunct) or Fine Gardening. Both are Taunton Press. They used a relatively short fence with an electric 2-wire fence about a foot outside the primary fence. The fence was baited with peanut butter. They reported great success.

Slugs: Cut about 1/4 to 1/3 of the top off a large soda bottle. Invert the top (looks like a funnel) and stuff it into the bottom with the pouring spout pointing to the bottom of the bottle. Secure with some staples. Put a few tablespoons of slug bait into the trap and lay on the ground around your growing areas. I usually bury some of the edge in the dirt. Warning: dogs love the usual slug bait. I use the organic kind. I had a very dicey situation with my jughead dog who ate some. We spent over an hour at the vets trying to keep him alive. We won, but I'd not like to go through that again.