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Thread: What a great find!

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    What a great find!

    Greetings all

    I'm new to the board and cannot believe all the great information and the helpful spirit I find here. Ann, I especially want to thank you for your very positive encouraging words. I have read many of the threads and you are always there boosting us on!

    I have been in SE Pennsylvania for three years. Prior to that I lived alone on 5 acres in Mount Vernon, WA. While I enjoyed living there, I gradually came to realize that I was not keeping up. I did some things well, others not so. The first mistake was in the land I picked. I was completely drawn in by the view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. I don't regret that choice, but didn't understand just how to farm rocks. The land was the snout of a glacier many years ago. It was a pottery grade clay with many (I mean many!!) potato-sized rocks liberally interspersed with quack grass.

    I had a 30 x 72 hoophouse which I loved. I spent many a peaceful and happy hour in there. I grew salad greens for the Farmer's Market (I was on the board).

    So here I am on two acres of urban sprawl living with my daughter and granddaughter--Three Girls Growers. Due to personal junk, we have just come into ownership of the property. Yea-a-a-a

    In the three years, I have had a LOT of time to evaluate my situation on the farm, and plan for the future here. I have always been very intrigued with the idea of plant propation. What an amazing miracle. Now is the time. I dug out the long-saved article from Mother Earth News about Mike McGroarty and the back yard nursery and we're off!!

    I have spent days reading threads on this board as well as the Backyard Nursery board. What a resource! I have a few things to offer to the group.

    Eliot Coleman has written two books that have been of great value to me: The New Organic Grower, and The Four Seasons Harvest. The latter is chock full of innovative ways to use the unheated hoophouses. He farms all year long EXCEPTing the months of June and July!! This is done in Maine, zone 5. He has done years of research and has much info about techniques. Did you know that his state is on the same latitude as Milan?

    A second publication is Growing for Market (www.growingformarket.com). There is a lot of info on organic farming, flower production, etc. The owner/editor has collated a number of articles about hoophouses into a small book. I read the publication for pleasure.

    Enough for now--I have some other ideas to pass on, but will do that in a more concise epistle.

    Thank you, all of you, for being out there in the trenches....ain't it fun?

    SE PA zone 6b
    SE PA, zone 6b

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    Dreams and reality

    Sandi --great to hear from you, and share some of your experiences. For many of us, these resonate with our own.

    How many folks have this dream of "making a living" doing what they really love. In our case, it usually has to do with growing plants in some way or other. For me, it's been maybe 3 years of trying things on our acre here...what an experience!

    The description of acres of clay, large rocks and quack grass especially resonates...no matter what area we're in, the work load is a challenge. Trying to keep the day job, keep in touch with the family and friends, and make a go of the dream nursery without winding up in a straightjacket is a challenge that is hitting me for one very hard just now. Of course, May is a busy month, but when was the last real break??? Even the quiet times seem to have their unfulfilled to-do list!

    No solutions from here, yet. Just wanted to thank you for your self introduction, and say there are many kindred spirits on this board. Maybe we can help each other solve this riddle of how to make our dreams reality, and enjoy each day along the way, too...

    Glen in BC
    (British Columbia, Canada z7ish)

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