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Thread: Daylilies dying

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    Question Daylilies dying

    have a long area of daylilies which are dying - turning brown and they are gone. Nothing on the topside nothing on the botton of the ones that I have pulled up.

    Soil is as moist and fertile as it every was

    No chemicals have been sprayed on them ...in back yard .. no access by anyone else either.

    Got me puzzled


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    Sorry I didn't get to this sooner, but I don't always check any of the other forums, just the Daylily Forum.

    Sounds like a severe case of crown rot. It is very unusual for it to hit an entire planting of them. Where all the plants puit in at the same time? When were they planted? How deep? Did they stay overly wet over the winter months? Were there any environmental factors that were different?

    Crown rot occurs for several reasons, either alone or in combination: Too wet, too deep, or too wet and cold for too long. Being too wet and too deep are the biggest causes.

    I do not recommend replanting daylilies in the same spot unless there is something you can do to aid the drainage. Daylily crowns should not be covered any deeper than 2 inches and any mulch should stay away form the base of the emerging fans. If these were established plants and you have added new much yearly, it can and does build up to the point that the crowns are too deep. I routinely scrape the top inch or soil/mulch away from the crowns of my plants. I still lose one every now and then, but I haven't lost entire beds of them.

    This is by no means a diagnosis of what caused your plants to die, I need more information.


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