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Thread: Do Hyacinths make seeds ?

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    Do Hyacinths make seeds ?

    My waning hyacinths have what appears to be the start of seed pods where the blooms have faded. Am I hallucinating or is it 'something' and does that 'something' have anything to do with seeds ?
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    Nope, they are seed pods! Nearly all flowers will produce seeds if given half a chance! Since Hyacinths are highy bred any resulting offspring probably wouldn't be near as good as the parent. That's the way with hybrids. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't try growing a few from seeds, but I wouldn't allow all the bulbs to "go to seed" for you may end up losing next year's blooms.

    I grow only the "Grape" hyacinths and always allow them to reseed themselves. They are not as highly bred and have always come true from seeds. But I don't havest or plant them, I let nature take her course.

    This year I have purposely left selected seed pods to develope on a few of my daffodils. I expect it will be several long years before I see any results and only if these pods survive to maturity!


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